How accounting firms are supporting mental wellbeing

People working in the accountancy sector, as in other industries, experience pressures and responsibilities which can challenge their mental health.

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How workplaces in every sector pay attention to mental health has never been more important, and many accountancy firms have ways of supporting mental wellbeing and providing help for people with a mental illness, that are inspiring examples.

Mental health on the agenda at work

With one in three UK employees diagnosed with a mental health condition, smart businesses are placing mental health firmly on their agendas, with wellbeing programmes a key factor for the health of their staff and the success of their company.

KPMG says the wellbeing of its people is of huge importance and everyone at every level in the organisation should be supported and supportive of mental health.

The firm is keen to offer a variety of ways for its people to receive help, providing online guides, training on managing stress, a telephone advice line and face-to-face counselling for those who need it. There is a big focus on mental wellbeing in all manager training and the firm links good physical health to good mental health for all its employees, supplying healthy food in its canteens and subsidised gym memberships.

If you are looking for outsourced accounting services, the way the firm manages its employees’ wellbeing should be an important consideration to help you decide on the right partner. Firms such as Mushroom, as relatively new competitors in the accounting industry, balance client relationship management with supporting their employee wellbeing.

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Mental Health at Work provides a toolkit of resources that firms in the accountancy sector can use to help mental wellbeing.

Mental health at work case studies

When it signed the Employer’s Time to Change Pledge, Grant Thornton committed to tackling stigmas against mental health. Buy-in from senior leaders and leadership from partner, Perry Burton, who has been open about his own mental health struggles, means the subject is spoken about openly across the firm.

The firm has taken action, including establishing a wellness community of more than 80 people from 19 different offices, which aims to raise awareness of how people can get help if they need it. Activities including wellness walks and yoga are run regularly, with drop-in sessions helping to normalise talking about mental health.

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