Have you considered a green roof for your garden office?

As well as looking fantastic, a sedum, green or living roof on your garden office can have a really positive impact on your garden, your office and the wider environment.

What is a green roof?

A green roof is a layer of living plants, often sedum, which grows on top of a roof structure. This roof structure contains extra support and a waterproof membrane, and will often have built-in drainage and may also have irrigation channels, depending on the climate where you live.

Green roofs are often used to ‘green up’ urban environments, as they help to improve air quality and increase wildlife habitats in cities and towns. However, they are increasingly used in domestic situations as homeowners have started to see the benefits.

How can a green roof benefit me?

Primarily, there’s the aesthetic benefit. Sedum roofs look fantastic, particularly if it’s on office rooms that are visible from the house or garden. The greening of the roof will also help structures blend into the landscape and make them seem part of the garden. There’s also the environmental benefit, reducing carbon dioxide and improving air quality as well as encouraging wildlife, which is a real bonus if you live near a busy road, or in a town or city.

Have you considered a green roof for your garden office

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The roof will also help insulate the building, which can be a real benefit throughout the year, retaining warmth inside the building during winter, and providing a heat barrier from the sun in the summer. It can help reduce heating bills, which will, in turn, lower your carbon footprint too. A green roof will also provide sound insulation, which will help create a peaceful working atmosphere, and will help keep the neighbours happy if you use your garden office for band practice!

It’s important your roof is professionally installed as there are technical issues to consider. Companies like http://www.gardenspaces.co.uk/ offer green roofs as optional extras and will be able to talk you through the benefits as well any cost or upkeep issues that you need to consider prior to installing a garden room with a green roof.

Sedum is pretty low maintenance which is why it’s such a good choice for a green roof, but it doesn’t tolerate full shade, and location of your office room is one thing to bear in mind.

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