Five ways to elevate your brand

Whether your sales have been slowing or you are finding it harder to convert enquiries into customers, many businesses can benefit from revamping their brand. Following these five simple steps can not only elevate your brand but also enable you to use resources more efficiently and prevent the need for external help.

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1. Reconsider your photography.

Photography is an extremely powerful tool and it is essential that your images create the right mood to cohesively reflect your brand. Whether your images are taken in house or by a hired professional, it is vital that the tone remains the same throughout. Consistency is key.

Take a look at the images you currently use. Do they all feel consistent and give the same message? A thorough edit can be instrumental in creating the right impression.

2. The importance of typography

Having messy typography can give your brand an amateur look, even if it is professionally designed. Instead, fonts should be consistently used and have a clear hierarchy that provides structure and form whilst giving a visual signal to your reader.

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3. Construct a clear message

To engage most effectively with your customers, you should avoid clichés and generic text and be bold enough to construct a clear message about your brand, its values and its distinguishing features. Repeat this message across every channel of communication you use. If you specialise in a certain area, make this clear, as it can lead to a much greater number of enquiries from potential customers!

If you need a little help in achieving this, a branding agency can be extremely useful. For those seeking a branding agency Cheltenham is home to professionals that offer a dedicated brand development service, such as

4. Use language carefully

Concentrate on the feeling you are trying to evoke in your customer and keep this in mind with everything you write. According to the Guardian, a brand represents the public personification of your company. Revisiting your website copy with this in mind can have a profound impact on the impression you give to prospective customers.

5. Allow space

Whether you are designing your website or printed marketing materials, allow space. Too much text can fatigue readers, whereas using space invites the reader to slow down and really concentrate on your brand message.

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