Five Local Beauty Spots in Roscommon

Ireland is a beautiful country and has many places to see this natural beautiful land. Staying in a place like Roscommon, which has all the local facilities from shops like Vodafone Roscommon to restaurants, is a great way to see as much of the area as you can.

Here are five local beauty spots that you can enjoy…

Lough O’Flynn Bog – This walk takes you through a special habitat where you can enjoy lots of beautiful scenery. The trail is easy so is ideal for those who prefer a gentle stroll to a mountain hike, and you can see the diverse landscape as you make your way around.

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Lough Errit – This stunning place will help you find your own haven of tranquillity. Enjoy the peace and quiet as you walk around the shores and through the nearby woodland. There is even a bathing area if you fancy a dip!

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Castlerae – As well as the stunning Clonalis woodlands that you can enjoy on this trail, there is also the opportunity to visit Clonalis house which is set within the Demesne parkland.

Lough Key Forest Park – This huge park has lots of natural beauty within, and you can also discover various things along the trail including the Fairy bridge and the Wishing chair! A perfect walk for families in the spring.

Lough Gara Way – If you enjoy ancient history as well as beautiful natural scenery this is the walk for you. With many ancient settlements to see on your walk as well as the peace and tranquillity of the woodlands it is perfect for those looking to get away from it all.

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