Five key benefits of taking an online course

We know that ongoing learning is important for both our personal and professional development, though finding the time to attend classes at a traditional college or university can be difficult once you are working and have a family to look after. Instead, many of us have sought alternatives and distance learning online is a great option with many institutions increasing their provision.

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There are lots of challenges for the education sector at the moment, including funding cuts and rising costs, so many potential students are looking for other options, and courses that fit better with their lifestyle.

More and more institutions are reviewing their offer, and results are showing that online teaching can be as effective as face to face.

Online learning courses for businesses have several distinct benefits.

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1. Convenience

First and foremost, it’s convenient. You set your schedule so you can study as much or as little as you want each week, depending on your other commitments.

2. Flexibility

If you’re a morning person or more of a night owl, it doesn’t matter – you set the time. And if you want to study in the garden, or in your pyjamas, go right ahead. Distance learning gives you the ultimate in flexibility. This also helps with businesses that are looking to keep their workforce up to date with the latest legislations and trainings and Fire Safety Training Bristol companies can utilise this type of training incredibly effectively alongside their on site training options.

3. Budget

Your course cost is likely to be lower because you do not need to pay the ‘bricks and mortar’ prices. You’ll also save personally on commuting costs, and course materials are often available online in place of textbooks.

4. Improve technical skills

Online courses will require some level of technical skills because your course materials and tutorials will be available to download and you will need to be able to upload your assignments and supporting evidence.

5. Professional development:

Expand your knowledge and skills in your profession. Even once you have finished your initial training – a degree for example – there will be updates and things will change. Keep right up to date with your industry by continuing your study towards further educational credentials.

To read more about the benefits of studying online, see the reasons set out by Cornerstone University.

There are many more reasons why online study might suit you. If you are considering taking a course, look into all the options, not just those available at your local further education college.


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