First Line of Defence: Considering Driveway Alarms

Home security is important, both for your personal safety and the safety of your belongings. For those who want to ensure their security is as good as it can be, driveway alarms can be a highly effective measure and an excellent first line of defence.

First Line of Defence

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About Driveway Alarms

Like a lot of security measures, driveway alarms work on more than one level. Their primary function is to alert you when somebody enters your property through the driveway. If the equipment relating to the alarm is visible, or if you put up some kind of security notice, it also has a powerful deterrent effect.

There are various types of driveway alarm system, comprising some kind of transmitter and a receiver. Transmitters may be wired or wireless, and use sensors to detect certain things, depending on the specific alarm system you choose. For example, it may detect motion or the presence of metal. When the appropriate factor “trips” these sensors it will send a signal to the receiver which sounds the alarm. Depending on the type of system you choose, the alarm can be noise-only, flashing lights, or can even dial emergency services or a private security provider automatically.

Combining with Other Security Measures

Driveway alarms work well in combination with other security measures. For example, combining it with automatic gates from a company like suppliers of automatic gates</a> can give you an incredibly secure driveway. You will then have control over who enters your property and the ability to monitor it and be alerted to entries. You will also benefit from the combination of a physical barrier and a warning if somebody has managed to bypass that barrier. Having an automated gate that you can close can also reduce false alarms from motion-sensing systems, which can be set off by animals on your driveway.

A driveway alarm works most effectively with an automated gate, but may not work so directly with other systems such as property alarms. However, it will not hinder these systems either, and using them together will still give better and more effective security than using one or the other. If you really want to closely monitor and control your driveway entrance, adding security cameras to the mix will give you a complete picture of what is happening at any given time.

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