Falling deeper and deeper

The fans of science fiction programmes such as Star Trek and Farscape will be familiar with the peril and panic that the black hole causes for all the crew members.  The helm lights begin to flash and, whilst the ship’s alarm thanks to everyone that is to their stations.

Outer space seems to be flown to some of these incredible and the sites where galaxies and stars shimmer like diamond engagement rings to some of the darkest and most deadly like asteroids black holes. Now there are industries that work in what feel like black holes such as Drain Unblocking Bristol firms like https://www.amsdrains.co.uk/, they never know what is going to come out of those dark places, but at least they don;t have to concern themselves with being sucked into a drain!

But what are black holes who are they really something to be feared?

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Essentially black holes were once stars.  One of the darkest pinks and spaces to be one of the brightest.  The largest otherwise it could collapse in on itself to become smaller and smaller and denser and denser until eventually it compresses into a single point.  This point, it astrological and scientific terms has no radius and infinite density.  Because the resulting point is so dense everything near to the star gets sucked into its dark abyss.

The concept of falling or being poured into a black hole has a sound scientific basis.  When any object leaves the earth’s atmosphere it needs to reach a high speed in order to prevent itself from being pulled back into the atmosphere by the earth’s gravitational pull.  This is exactly what happens with a black hole.  The strength of the black holes gravitational pull means that even an object travelling at the speed of light would be sucked in, and as nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, essentially every object that travels too close to the black hole will be called in.

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Of course, because even light succumbed to the strength of a black hole all of the above is purely theoretical as the event cannot actually be witnessed. To date there are only a 3 people and a robot to go though a Black Hole and come out the other side and live to tell about it. It’s made up but let’s run with it. In the Disney film the Black Hole Dr McCrae, Mr Pizer, Captain Holland and the Robot, Vincent all board an escape shuttle only to find it’s on a pre-set course to fly back into the Black Hole. It’s not interested on going anywhere else despite the fours best efforts to tell it that that’s a stupid idea for all the reasons given above. They can’t convince it and they have to hope that the mad man who made it, Reinhart, got his sums right otherwise their toast. Luckily, Reinhart is not so far gone that high-level astrophysics is beyond him and, after a short trip that looks a lot like Hell and an interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, they pop out the other side who knows where. Let’s hope that Reinhart invented a ship that ran on an endless fuel too.


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