Facts to know about installing your new digital TV aerial

If you are not getting access to the TV programming you want to watch, it is tempting to go ahead and get a brand-new aerial. You may have tried the basics to get it up and running to no avail, but does this mean you need a new aerial? Before leaving yourself out of pocket, take a look at whether you really need a new arial or just think you do.

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Going digital

Do you have a standard TV aerial but now think you need a digital one to keep up to date with your programming? If so, this is not necessarily true. The modern aerial you see today may be referred to as digital, but in truth it is not designed just for digital programming; instead, it is simply a modern aerial that can receive a signal more efficiently.

Signs that there may be a problem with the components in your aerial include pixilation and experiencing a signal break-up.

Multiple aerials for more than one TV

Some people believe that because they have more than one TV in their home, they will need more than one aerial to make them work. This is not the case. You will need TV and aerial points wherever you have your TVs, or a multipoint digital media system.

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Your aerial needs upgrading

Getting a bad signal does not necessarily mean you need a new aerial. Aerials can get damaged, of course, but it may just need a repair rather than a brand-new aerial. You may need an engineer qualified in Bristol aerial installations, such as http://aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk, to take a look. They will be able to run diagnostics tests to see where the problem lies and advise whether it is easily fixed or a new aerial is needed.

You want HD

If you are looking to receive HD TV, getting a new aerial is not the right way to go about it. Many people believe that a new digital aerial will give them HD TV; in reality, you need much more than this. Firstly, you must make sure that you have either an HD-ready TV or an HD receiver box. If you have a relatively new TV, the chances are that it will be HD ready; if not, you may need to update your TV for an HD picture.

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