Exciting Web Trends for 2018 and Beyond

What’s happening in the world of web design in 2018 and what does the future hold? Here we look at some of the predicted trends that experts say will be popular this year and take us further into the future of web design:

  1. Web Animation

Animation is useful for web design in that it’s quick, can convey lots of information in a simple visual and is both informing and engaging. In an age where we click through things so quickly, this is an important element in design today and will continue to stay that way. Capturing the attention of users is the key to success and more brands, big and small are using animation in this way. They are also a great way for brands to display their personality in a more dynamic way.

Animated logos are popular with brands, and we’re also seeing the return of the GIF. Whether it’s a funny visual for an email signature or an animated logo, it seems eye-catching moving images are still on trend. There are many tools available to designers, that are now simpler to create than ever before. Even non-animation experts can have a go nowadays. Browser improvements have also made it easier for the effective display of animations on many formats and platforms. For help with professional design of your website, contact a Website Design Company Gloucester like https://www.net9design.com/

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  1. More use of colour and typography

Bolder colours are increasingly being used across digital platforms. New tools are being developed all the time enabling us to be more adventurous and creative with our use of colour and provide unique and vibrant experiences for users.

In the continual battle for attention-grabbing visuals, typography is also getting bigger, bolder and more unusual. Traditional typefaces are being replaced by a mixture of serif and sans-serif fonts to produce a more dynamic experience. Designers are branching out more to include many of the huge number of typefaces available. Thanks to ever-improving screen resolutions, previously hard to read fonts can now be used to great effect.

  1. Fun illustration

The use of illustrations is a great way for brands to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate much more personality. They are visually stimulating whilst not blocking any of the simplicity and functionality of the website. Whilst users want an easy-to-use experience, this doesn’t mean it has to be uninteresting or even playful. Illustrations can also be extremely informative and a great practical way to impart that information.

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  1. AI coming of age

What was once a phrase only heard in sci-fi stories, is now a part of everyday vocabulary. Artificial intelligence is already a part of website design, such as chatbots and you could be using AI every working day and not even realise. Artificial narrow intelligence is already powering systems like Google Home and Apple’s Siri voice assistant. It also runs the technology that supplies recommendations for users of Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. As we get more used to interacting with AI, many more conversational interface designs will appear in website design.

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