Essential equipment that all freelancers need

With constant technological evolution, it has never been easier for people to work flexibly on a freelance basis. Working from home, choosing your own hours and succeeding in a self-driven career is an attractive prospect for many workers.

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As of July 2017, there were 2 million freelancers working in the UK, and the vast majority of them use freelancing as their key income on a full-time basis. What do you need to launch your career in freelancing?

A suitable workspace

Many people favour freelancing because it gives them the opportunity to work wherever they want. A coffee house with free Wi-Fi or a home study usually sound like better options than making your way through a long daily commute and then sitting in a crowded office all day. Realistically, however, in order to maintain productivity, most freelancers will find that they need a quiet base from which to focus. Renovating a spare bedroom into a designated work area will give freelancers a great place to work without distractions.

The right equipment

Being a freelancer means taking ownership of any equipment you’ll need for work. No longer will employers shell out for your computer system, office furniture or any other equipment relevant to your role. This falls on you, so choose wisely and use what works for you, whether it’s a desk or lap trays ( or a keyboard or pencil.

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Ways to get paid

Be clear on your payment terms and method of payment before accepting work from clients. There are several ways that you can take payments, and this may depend on the type of freelancing that you do. For services such as copywriting or web design, PayPal can be a great, fuss-free way for clients to deposit money into your account. If you are using a website to sell products or services, an online merchant account could be your best option.

Long-term clients

Freelancing can be an unpredictable career. It involves self-promotion and self-discipline in order to succeed, and the lack of certainty surrounding workloads and consequently income is often what puts many people off. However, by securing a few reliable, long-term clients, you can reduce this uncertainty. Consider offering discounts to clients who are willing to enter into a long-term contract for your services.

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