Eliminate the cockroach trouble for good with effective cockroach control

Imagine walking into a kitchen and noticing some cockroaches roaming under the stove or on the kitchen counter. Or going to a supermarket and seeing cockroaches running around in the vegetables section. This sight is enough to repulse even the strongest of people.

Facts about cockroach control

effective cockroach control
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  • Found throughout the year, cockroaches are one of the most common insect pests around the world. From our homes to restaurants to buildings, structures & surroundings we find different types of cockroaches all around us. Not only are cockroaches irritating, but they are also known as one of the worst pests as they can carry and transmit various diseases which can pose a great health risk to human beings. Due to this it becomes essential to ensure measures for cockroach control are carried out regularly & efficiently so as to not allow them to breed and transmit diseases.
  • Most often, cockroaches wander in from outside surroundings. They are known to be very good breeders and they can multiply by thousands in just one year. Generally, roaches prefer a warm climate with food available close by. This is one reason why one can find cockroaches near almost every waste bin or garbage bins.
  • Due to their nature to transmit deadly diseases and prolific breeding capacity, it becomes necessary to take necessary steps for cockroach control before the infestation gets out of hand.

Ways for effective for cockroach control

The best place for cockroaches to flourish is a place which is warm and there is enough food. Few steps which can effectively help eliminate or contain the cockroach threat are

  • Proper sanitation –One of the most important steps is to keep the best hiding places of cockroaches neat, clean and sanitized like the food closets and cupboards, store rooms, garbage bins, trash cans, open food containers, etc.
  • Using cockroach gels –Nowadays, there are a lot of different brands of cockroach gels available in the markets which are quite useful in trapping the roach and killing it almost immediately. But the effectiveness of the gel bait is only till the time the cockroach consumes the bait or the gel does not dry out
  • Boric acid –One of the most common methods used for cockroach control is by using boric acid that can be used as bait or just as residual powder for the cockroach to walk through. Boric acid is known to be the best and the cheapest way to kill cockroaches because the tiny particles in the white powder stick to its hairy legs and body as the roaches travel through the powder. Once they ingest the deadly powder they succumb to its powers almost immediately.
  • Repellent sprays – There are various cockroach repellent sprays available which can be sprayed directly onto the infected areas. With their long nozzle one can reach hard to reach areas like tiny holes or the area between the closet and walls. They are quite effective in pulling out the cockroaches and kill them instantly.
  • Professional pest control –The last approach to get rid of cockroach infestation is to go for professional pest control people who are not just very knowledgeable but also have more strong pesticides available with them compared to the over the counter ones available in shops.

Cockroaches can be a nuisance around the house or at your workplace or at a restaurant. They are capable of ruining your day and creating havoc wherever they go. But by maintaining proper cleanliness and sanitation along with using any control techniques it is possible to eliminate these nuisances for good.

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