Easy Mistakes to Make When Planning Your Next Website

In the enthusiasm and excitement of creating your next business website, it can be easy to make mistakes. Before calling a Cardiff website designer to progress your build, make sure you have your development plan and team in place, and avoid these common website build mistakes.


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Not Knowing Why You Are Building Your Site

A website isn’t an ego project – it’s a vital sales and engagement channel, designed to offer something of value to your customers. Make sure you develop it with your customers’ needs in mind. Engage with them to understand what they want, and then aim to deliver it to them quickly, simply and easily an in a memorable way.

Not Having a Broader Plan

Never begin to build a website without a marketing strategy or broader business plan in place first. If necessary, a business consultant can help you to develop these key documents. From these, you can construct your digital strategy.

Making It Too Complex

Forget endless layers, dancing gifs, high-resolution photographs or unnecessary functions and features that slow your site down and make it confusing and difficult to access.

Choosing Bad Platforms

There are a number of free hosting and e-commerce platforms available, but they aren’t necessarily the best choice for your business. Work closely with a specialist to ascertain the best systems and platforms for your build. For Cardiff website design Ambercouch is a good option.

Failing to Realise How Much Work Is Involved

Building a website is a large job that requires a lot of time, co-ordination, preparation, teamwork and skill. You will need a clear project plan, a skilled and committed project team, a clear budget and a list of roles and responsibilities that clearly defines decision-making processes and remits.

Not Knowing Your Budget

Be clear on your website build budget before you begin. A website can cost as much or as little as you have available, and it is very easy for costs to spiral unless you manage them tightly.

Not Having a Plan for Onward Management

All websites are pointless if they aren’t kept up to date and maintained. You must have a plan for owning and updating your new business asset once it has been created in terms of development, content creation, SEO and customer engagement.

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