Different customs for gift-giving

It’s time to think about gifts for your family and friends as Christmas is fast approaching. Even though it’s difficult to choose gifts for your closest friends and family, what about when you need to send gifts abroad? It requires a new level of understanding. You don’t wish to offend someone who has a different culture. It is important to exchange gifts with colleagues and business partners in order to maintain good relationships. Here are some tips to help you if you have been asked to give a gift abroad:


In Japan, it’s considered polite to accept a gift with both your hands. In Japan, it is also customary to open a gift later when the recipient is not around. Business gifts are usually given towards the end of the calendar year or in the middle of summer to people who you feel obligated to. Presentation is important, almost as important as the value of what’s inside. For a gift with an Irish twist, consider irish sweaters women from shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters

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In China, it is common for someone to repeatedly refuse to accept a present before finally accepting it. It is not rudeness, but a way to express good manners and modesty. Gifts are often expected in return and they can be used to express gratitude for good deeds or favours.

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In France, timing is everything when it comes to gift-giving. Giving a gift at a business meeting is considered inappropriate. Before a party or meal, personal gifts are given in the home of a friend. The most popular gifts are those that show off art and culture, such as books, music, or tickets to the theatre. Gifts with a logo of a company are considered to be very bad taste.

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