Design is everything

When thinking about improving your company’s website, it pays to focus on the design. Design is not just about how good something looks but is a crucial part of improving your business practice and being innovation. Having a great design can increase sales and present yourself in a new light to your customers. A planned approach with a clear strategy will make it easier for you to achieve commercial benefits.

Focus on areas where design can offer definite commercial benefits. This can help you to concentrate on satisfying market needs, specifically when designing new products and services. Your communications will be more effective as you will be creating marketing materials which focus on the benefits of your product.

Market research is vital so ask your customers for feedback and use your sales records to concentrate on those things that sell well and focus your design around these things. Keeping up to date with current trends, regulations and standards will also make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Investing in a well thought design will also save you from making costly mistakes that will need fixing somewhere down the line. Involve professionals right from the start if you feel that you need help to get exactly what you want. For a Norwich Web design company, visit

Set yourself some specific objectives and set a budget. A timetable, milestones to meet and a target completion date will also keep you on track. Crucially, you need to be able to plan how to monitor and measure the progress that has been achieved as a result of a new design for your website. Preparing a design brief is another essential step and if you involve an outside agency to help you, they will be able to work on this brief with you. A brief will include things like your business background, who your customers are, what are your strengths and weaknesses and a clear vision of what your objectives are.

Design is everything

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Think about what the key features and function of the design will be.

  • What do you need your website to do and how will it do it?
  • What image are you trying to create? Is your company and product image compatible?
  • How will you make an immediate impact?
  • Is it easy to use and understand and appropriate for your audience?
  • Think about whether fonts and sizing are too difficult to read well.

An absolute must for any website to succeed in the future is being responsive. A lot of traffic comes from mobile phones so it’s essential that all websites have the ability to adjust to fit a mobile screen and still be visible and usable. Google has started factoring in mobile responsiveness into its search rankings now so unless you want your new website to suffer, responsiveness is the only way forward.

Another idea to factor into your design plan is to make things simple and get rid of any excess that might have been on your old website. Things like pop ups, music and large contact forms are the kinds of things that really put people off.

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