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There must be millions of websites, many of which come and go, but some have been so incredibly successful that they are now a part of our everyday lives. There are some that you’ll recognise immediately and others that are hugely popular in other parts of the world. To increase your chances of success, think about SEO Gloucester. For more information, visit http://digi-tel.co.uk/gloucestershire-seo-services/seo-internet-marketing-gloucester/

Linkedin.com – If you’re keen to network and enjoy expanding your professional contacts then you’re probably already familiar with this site. It’s a great place to search for job openings, connect with potential candidates and get in touch with experts in your chosen field. It’s also a useful tool for keeping contact information for professionals that you trust.

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Wikipedia – Everything you ever wanted to know about everything! Similar to an encyclopaedia, hence the name, but can be edited and added to. There are a staggering 30 million articles written in 287 different languages. The huge volumes of information are looked after by a team of volunteers and the service is able to remain free of charge as it’s supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

YouTube – The most popular website in the world for watching and sharing videos. Anyone can upload video clips and you can tag and share with all your family and friends. It seems to have been around forever but was only formed in 2005 by two former PayPal workers and was so successful so quickly that it sold the following year for $1 billion!

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Facebook – This one doesn’t need any introduction as it has become the world’s biggest and most popular social networking site. Started in 2004, there are now more than one billion users of the site. See what all your friends are up to, post comments and photos and stay in touch with people anywhere in the world. Almost every business has a Facebook page and it’s truly a global connecting tool.

Google – Search for anything at any time, Google has become a supergiant of the world-wide web. Google also owns YouTube which makes it a pretty big player. Google allows you to search for anything throughout the entire world, if it’s online. You’ll also find a global library of images, shopping info, organization tools, an email service, worldwide maps and street view technology.

Baidu.com – This is China’s equivalent of Google, a Chinese search engine that is massively popular. Like Google, Baidu also provides more than fifty other services.

Twitter – The other big social networking site alongside Facebook, Twitter is an incredibly powerful social and blogging site. Get followers or follow people or subjects that interest you and communicate with others at any time of day, all over the globe. Twitter provides instant news updates and can be used as a tool for organising people to come together.

These websites represent the giants of the internet and in most cases enjoyed huge success very quickly. If you want your website to enjoy even a fraction of the same success then think about having it audited and revamped by a professional SEO company.

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