Capturing Your Share of the Local Wedding Catering Market

How can you get the happy couple to choose you for their big day?

With spring just around the corner, wedding season is upon us, so now is the best time to launch or expand your catering business, especially if you’re looking to cash in on the wedding catering market. Here’s a quick look at some of the basics to help get you started and to sustain a successful wedding catering business.

Capturing Your Share of the Local Wedding Catering Market

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Some slick advertising is really important if you’re going to compete with other catering companies and larger venues that include the wedding breakfast as part of their wedding package. The bride and groom are not going to respond well to a poorly advertised catering company when it comes to their special day, so it is well worth investing in a professional campaign.


Part of that advertising campaign should be a brochure that clearly shows at least three different set-menu options to choose from. There should be a good range of prices, from budget to premium, and it should be costed per head. Wedding planning is incredibly stressful, so the easier and clearer you can get this information across, the more likely the betrothed pair are to choose you. Including drinks and canapés on arrival and bubbly for the speeches will also make you more appealing.


Make sure you’re prepared by having all the necessary commercial catering equipment to be able to deliver exactly what you have promised. Whether you are catering in-house or at a different premises, it is down to you to make sure that the cutlery matches and that there are enough champagne flutes. Guests will notice very quickly if you are disorganised or ill prepared, and that can do irreparable damage to your business reputation. Have a look at companies such as 247 catering supplies to see if you are missing anything or if there’s anything that could make the event run more smoothly.


Having the right staff will ensure that everything goes to plan on the day. As well as making sure that every guest has what they need, they are representing your company. They need to be well presented and professional at all times to give a good long-lasting impression that will guarantee you get more customers in the future.

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