Can you wear wool in hot weather?

Whereas we typically associate woollen clothing with Autumn, Winter, and colder weather, it also makes for a great transition piece between seasons. Lightweight items can even be an excellent option for warmer weather.

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Advantages of Wool

Wool acts as a temperature regulator. Each fibre is coil-shaped and capable of trapping moisture inside. Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture before it actually feels wet. This makes it ideal for keeping cool and dry in warmer weather without perspiration sitting on the skin.

Cotton, with its lightweight qualities, is usually the go-to option for warmer months. However, cotton holds moisture, which can make it unsuitable. A lightweight wool such as merino, actually wicks moisture away from the skin, as well as being soft, odour resistant, crease-free and comfortable.

Use lightweight layers of wool for unpredictable weather when transitioning through seasons. A light wool tank, teamed with a jumper or sweater, ensures that you stay warm when needed, whilst also being versatile enough to act as a standalone outfit when the conditions heat up again.

Woollen items that are conventionally worn as base layers throughout the winter months can also double up as stylish, practical, and effective stand-alone pieces in warmer weather. Swap out your light woollen base layers to serve as tank tops and staple vests.


Merino is the perfect lightweight wool for wearing against the skin. Softer and thinner than regular wool, it is comfortable and non-itch, thus providing a practical solution for day-to-day wear without irritation.

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A natural fibre, merino is unmatched in terms of performance, durability and timeless styling. Merino knitwear is available in a vast range of styles, fits, colours and cuts, so there is a staple piece suitable for every wardrobe. Visit a specialist such as for a range of merino pieces. A womens Aran sweater is a great place to start your woollen wardrobe collection.

Make wearing wool even in warmer climates the norm and feel the benefit of its moisture-wicking fibres that allow you to stay cool and comfortable while also looking stylish.

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