Architectural gems to see in Dorset

Dorset is known for its countryside and beautiful coastline and it is no wonder lots of people look to move to this area of the country. If you find a place that needs doing up or look to extend your current Dorset home a  Poole Architects can help you out. Poole itself is a lovely town that overlooks a large natural bay on the South coast. Here, there is a maritime feel to the place, as you would rightly expect. If you are wondering what other delightful buildings there are in the area, here are some of them for you to look at.

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  1. Hardys Cottage. It’s unlikely that you’d choose to have a thatched cottage roof like Hardy’s but it still makes for a picturesque setting. Thomas Hardy was the county’s most celebrated author and much of what he wrote was set in Dorset. This tranquil home is a perfect example of the old English style.

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  1. Lulworth Castle. Living in a castle can be a drafty experience. They are built on high places and generally don’t have double glazing. One of the slight exceptions to this is the castle of Lulworth. It has 4 fine high turrets that protect a central courtyard. It’s now more of a stately home than a place for defence.
  2. Athelhampton House and Garden. This is an example of the Jacobean style of building that dates back to the 16th and 17th Century. This late medieval property is a gorgeous looking grey stone building. It has ornate porches and window frames with huge wood oak doors to protect the people living inside.

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