Adhering to the European Standard for Pest Management Services EN16636

Wild birds and other pests such as rodents or insects can have a negative effect on a business. As well as damaging buildings and their properties, they may also be hazardous to public health by helping to spread diseases or allergens.

Wild birds are protected by law in England so you cannot kill or capture birds, or destroy the eggs and nests without a special licence from Natural England.
Adhering to the European Standard for Pest Management Services EN16636

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Now the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) has published a new European Standard for pest management services, known as EN16636.

This European Standard has clear guidelines and requirements for pest service providers to make sure they are minimising the risks to human health and the environment while delivering a quality service. Animal welfare has also been taken into account when setting up the standard.

A Europe-wide standard was set up in a bid to develop a single market for services which can contribute to economic growth and employment throughout the member countries.

There are already strict guidelines in place in England for controlling or removing pests but the European Standard now means there is a level playing field throughout Europe.

Pesky Pests Cause Problems for Many Businesses

Pests can cause major problems for a wide range of businesses including offices, restaurants, bars, hospitals, farms and the fishing industry, People will be put off going to a restaurant or public building which is surrounded by pigeons and covered in feathers or pigeon mess, for example.

So it may be necessary to call on pest management experts, to find the right solution for getting rid of pests and to make sure they stay away. Not all birds are treated equally as some will have more protection by law than others.

Nuisance birds need careful managing

Nuisance bird management is more than just getting rid of the immediate problem but also looks at how to solve the problem and provide an action plan to restrict birds from roosting or nesting on or near the premises.

Pigeons are the most common pests and are among the top reasons people choose to contact Vvenv about nuisance bird management services and others.

Nuisance birds need careful planning and you can save money as your premises stay clean and undamaged from flocks of birds. It also creates a cleaner and healthier environment for customers and staff.

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