A look at this year’s best smart home technology trends

Technology is increasingly integrating with our home environment. Ever more gadgets are being developed that can help us control our heating, lighting and entertainment through our smartphones. What can we expect to see in the coming months?

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Adaptable glass

Deciding between double and triple glazing are no longer the biggest decisions when choosing glass. Technological innovations have resulted in smart glass being available for domestic use. The glass can be used in windows, doors and partitions. It enables the homeowner to adjust the glare from light and control the amount of heat that passes through the window. This glass is more energy efficient than traditional examples. You can also save yourself a fortune on curtains and blinds having all the privacy you need.

Intelligent appliances

Progress in home automation will affect the way we prepare our food in the future. Smart appliances for the kitchen come in a variety of forms, from ice makers to home brewing kits. One of the biggest items available is the smart fridge that orders groceries for you. A camera takes pictures of your fridge so you can see what items you need to buy. Those who enjoy a good cocktail can buy a cocktail maker that measures and advises on ingredients. A smart coffee maker can be programmed to make your favourite brew at a time of your choosing via your smartphone.

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Sound and vision

New developments have been made in multi-room audio systems such as those at http://digitalinteriors.co.uk/project/home-automation-systems/, that allow you to control your music via Bluetooth or WIFI technology instead of having lots of wires around your house. Wireless adapters, when plugged into a receiver, will enable you to stream audio to any speakers wired up to a network. You can now send music to a device in another room and stream from your smartphone. If you fancy the cinema while in bed you can turn your wall into a giant screen.

Illuminating ideas

There are many smart light systems available for the consumer to be able to control the lighting levels in their home via their smartphone. You don’t even have to be at home to turn the lights on anymore and mood lighting will be easy with one of these systems. These systems work via Bluetooth or WIFI and will require special bulbs.

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