A Lightbulb moment

Have you had a great  idea or invented something that could be the next big thing? A real Eureka! Moment? There are many ways in which can get help to patent and sell your ideas. Businesses offer a complete service to patent and sell your idea for you but could you do it alone? You would need to consider some things very carefully:

  • Write it down – an idea is no good if it’s stuck in your head. You need plans and proof of when and how you developed your idea.
  • Do your research from both a business and legal approach. This will include a patent search to see if someone has pipped you to the post.
  • Create a comprehensive Business Plan
  • If you have an invention, make a prototype
  • Protect it. Whether you decide to do it alone or sell the concept on, you must patent it so it remains your ‘idea’.
  • Market your invention. This is normally the time when you will need to decide to do alone or license your product through another company.

A Lightbulb moment

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Business strategy and marketing may be something that you have no experience in but there are many firms that can offer expertise and advice, for example, a Brand Innovation Agency. Let’s say you want to keep your idea or invention as a personal business and you realise that you have a particular skill set that’s missing from your team. You need to do a product launch but don’t have the right contacts  – why not try http://www.lightbulbinnovation.com/

Most inventions take a long time from initial lightbulb moment to seeing your product on a shop shelf but patience and hard work will pay off if your idea is good and original. Far from the traditional image of the mad inventor with a cluttered laboratory, today’s inventors have to be hard-headed, diligent and business-like. Confidence, market knowledge and some legal savvy will go a long way in such a competitive environment. Remember, get advice from lots of people but it might pay to have them sign a confidentiality agreement. Protecting your asset is the top priority.

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