6 More Tools You Need to Succeed with Your 3D Printer

Whether you’re a novice experimenting with 3D printing for the first time or are an experienced hand, there are some tools that will make the whole process go much more smoothly. Here are six more essentials that should be in your 3D printing tool kit.

6 More Tools You Need to Succeed with Your 3D Printer

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1. Pliers

An essential part of almost any toolkit, pliers have many uses, from removing prints that have stuck to tightening up components on the printer itself. Ideally, you should have a set of long-nosed pliers for use on small parts, and look for a pair that have wire cutters built in.

2. Screwdrivers and Allen Keys

Most 3D printers are built using hex-headed bolts, so a set of Allen keys is essential for any running repairs and maintenance. Along with screwdrivers, they’re a useful part of any home toolkit as they have a wide range of uses.

3. Cutting Mat and Knife

It’s rare that a 3D print turns out absolutely perfect first time. You’ll usually need to do some work to clean up some some plastic flash or filament strings that have been left behind by the printing process. For this you need a sharp craft knife, ideally one with interchangeable or snap-off blades, and a cutting mat to allow you to work safely. You can get these from OSM electrical control components suppliers or similar.

4. Wet and Dry Paper

Another essential for cleaning up your prints is wet and dry abrasive paper. It’s a good idea to have several grades so that you can work down to the finest to give a smooth finish. Most electrical control components manufacturers should be able to supply this.

5. Silica Gel

Most 3D printer filament will absorb moisture over time, and this will eventually lead to problems during printing. In order to protect it, you should store it in a sealed container along with some silica gel desiccant to absorb moisture.

6. Torch

It can be tricky to see what’s going on inside a 3D printer, even in a well-lit room. Keeping a small torch handy helps you to keep an eye on how your print is developing. Buy an LED torch and you won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs – they also give a whiter light, helping you to get a clear view of what’s happening.

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