5 sports business experts worth following on social media

With the culmination of the Olympics 2016 on Sunday, the stars of the industry seem to be on everyone’s lips. If sport is your thing or the medal winners have now got you hooked as a result of your patriotism, make sure you follow these five sports business experts. There is a lot more to sports than the coverage they get on TV, so get stuck into the business and politics of the industry with the help of these professionals!

5 sports business experts worth following on social media

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1. Christina Settimi (@csettimi)

Settimi, an outspoken business sports expert, often takes to social media to share her opinion on controversial business matters relating to sport. Her most recent Forbes article focuses on the numbers behind Rio 2016.

2. Maury Brown (@BizballMaury)

Brown, also a columnist for Forbes, focuses mainly on topics surrounding baseball. He tends to tweet his own work but also shows an interest in other people’s insights. The expert is extremely active on social media and makes for an interesting follow.

3. Austin Karp (@AustinKarp)

Karp, assistant managing editor at SportsBusiness Daily, tweets about a range of sports. He is one to focus on matters such as media, finance, viewings, game attendances, team expansion and coaching. He is most likely to share information about things such as soccer drills, techniques and programmes, so don’t be surprised if you see him share a useful resource such as a soccer drill video by Sportplan.

4. Liz Mullen (@SBJLizMullen)

Mullen is on the ball when it comes to athletes, often tweeting whenever a sports star makes a new business deal. Other business-related matters she shows an interest in include labour, fines and naming rights. She writes and shares information on a daily basis.

5. Rodney Fort (@RodneyFort)

Fort is an expert in sports economics and is a teaching member at the University of Michigan. He focuses on the sports industry and most of his tweets are about sports’ finances, college sports and unions.

Although there are many more sports business experts cropping up on a range of social media sites, these five are well worth following and offer some insightful facts and information plus the odd amusing tweet. They also cover a range of sports; therefore, your news feed does not need to be flooded with tweets about football and basketball!

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