5 extensions and other tricks that speed navigation in Chrome

While it is not the first time we spoke you how to take advantage of your browser, in the past we have focused on issues and specific aspects such as muted eyelashes and / or those extensions that should not be lacking in any demanding blogger. However, today we gather some of the tools that simply and in general terms, will allow expediting its use.

Thus, our compilation groups from those that will give the opportunity to better manage tabs, to others that will offer the option to clear the cache and other data. However, not only that, but take this opportunity to give you some tricks essential to improve your online experience, ready?

5 extensions and other tricks that speed navigation in ChromeTabSnooze

TabSnooze, for example, makes your lashes to sleep. That is, you surely have noticed that when you open too, navigation is certainly complicated (especially if you lack sufficient memory to remember what you opened in each and are cognizant that need all); what the extension you choose hide and reopen them automatically after a certain period of time.

We can even leave this for another day appearance previously select in the calendar. Obviously, it has a section so you know what you have programmed.

Keyboard Navigation

As you may have deduced by name, Keyboard Navigation allows you to streamline the use of Chrome via the keyboard. How? With a few shortcuts that would make possible even without it. Click the point to start, displaying a link, type in a text window; Ctrl + Return to open a link in a new window, Ctrl-W to close them , and so on .

Although a priori can be a bit complicated to use, it is worth making the investment and lose a little time learning the combinations, you will notice the difference and how your tasks are streamlined.

Too Many Tabs

Available also in Firefox, Too Many Tabs is another that helps you manage your tabs and “maintain sanity” when your number is bulky. For example, it gives you a preview of each of them with just pass over them, make a specific search (very useful if you are over 20, for example) and sort them according to various criteria such as date of creation, domain and like.

Provide a clear space for them all and its contents (whose organization can customize) and restore recently closed and suspend inactive to save memory are other virtues.

Save directly to Google Drive

As its name suggests, this utility will give you the opportunity to save and upload any link, image is on a web page, document, video and similar to Google Drive. It also serves to store the screenshot. However, not only that, through the extension gives us the option to control where the directory and the format in which it will, rename and others.

Apart from the usual action icon that usually add this class of applications to the right of the address bar, Save to Google Drive adds more action which is activated after pressing the right button of our mouse over the desired content and opening a tab from which you can activate it.


Although this is a tool somewhat different from the previous ones, with Pushbullet have the ability to send -only immediately press the submit button any document (link, notes, lists, addresses) is performed to your phone from the same browser in a few seconds. Obviously, also it works in reverse, that is, from your Android device to your computer.

There ‘s even a tray input and one output. It is perfect for small transfers and compatible with Firefox. Moreover, from the website you can manage different gadgets that are connected to the utility, add friends to send them files, and so on. Interface also is intuitive and easy to use.

Other tricks

Apart from the above extensions, there are a number of tricks to help you enhance your experience with this browser:

  • Using Chrome apps as individual windows: You will save having to deliver them from the desktop. To achieve this, simply create the shortcut.
  • Restore to its original state: that is, reset the tool and return to its original state. Ideal for when you start to give problems constantly, it has been infected with malware and others.
  • Purging the cache with some regularity: because this tends to store a huge amount of data and unnecessary files whose accumulation could lead to a saturation of RAM. To eliminate the need to access privacy settings and select clear browsing data option. Some extensions like Click & Clean encompass these last two actions automatically.
  • Disable Flash content (yes, we know it has changed names): You can do it in content settings you will find in privacy, clicking on “manage content” and “manage individual ons” or by typing chrome: // plugins / in directional.
  • Control which extensions you have installed: Although it seems a paradox and especially if you’re a fan of this type of utilities, an excess of which no use could consume resources unnecessarily.

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