4 Cheap New Ideas to Solve Your Ugly Ceiling Problem

It’s a common problem, especially in old or rented properties. Whether it’s flaky plaster and paint, water stains, or the dreaded office tiles, a bad ceiling can ruin your room. Luckily, we’ve got four great and cheap ideas that can fix the problem in a weekend or less.

Ugly Ceiling Problem

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1. Add a New Drop

The most standard solution to an ugly ceiling is to insert a drop-ceiling or false ceiling. These false ceilings are usually made of cheap, lightweight titles and are common in offices because they can be easily removed for electrical maintenance. However, they can be hideous in your home, and they stain easily. The good news if you have a false ceiling is that it can be easily replaced with something more attractive without spending a lot of money. Check out online offers for lightweight white wood strips and give your false ceiling a whole new look.

2. Paintable Wallpaper

This is a great idea for when you need to cover a large area quickly and cheaply. Simply take the cheapest, smooth, matte wallpaper available, wet it thoroughly, paste it, and stick it on the ceiling. It’s important to use a wet brush to ensure that contact and a good fix has been made. The ceiling will be paintable a day later. The combination of paper and paint will hide most problems, and it can prevent plaster loss becoming worse in rental properties.

3. Create Architectural Fabric Structures

For the truly adventurous or those with a truly terrible ceiling, a few clean white sheets can be used to create an attractive stretch ceiling look. Using nothing but a few sheets, a ladder, a staple gun, and your imagination, you can easily recreate the very fashionable tensile fabric structure looks gracing the latest architectural projects. Sites such as http://fabricarchitecture.com can provide some inspiration.

4. Let it Shine

For contractual or fire safety reasons, sometimes it’s simply not feasible to cover your ceiling. In these cases, you’ll want use the art of misdirection. First, select hanging ceiling lights with downward facing beams and dark shades that will plunge the ceiling into darkness. Next, make sure freestanding lamps are attractive and shimmering and focus the eye towards other areas.

As with any problem, creativity is crucial. Don’t let an unattractive ceiling ruin your mood!

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