What are the advantages of fiber optics?

ADSL, 4G modem, cable (HTC) or fiber optic, what is the best alternative to hiring an internet connection? In the next lines we tell you the main advantages of optical fiber compared to other options, and how the future is perceived in the telephony sector.

Why opt for fiber optics?

Reliable, safer, faster and with greater projection are some of the notes that could better define the optical fiber as a medium to transmit information without reaching disrupt or corrupt the data other than those initially transmitted. Although connections through a 4G modem tend to be quite fast, the speed depends at all times the number of devices connected to the network, not to mention that the data will be completed spending teams.

What are the advantages of fiber opticsOn the other hand, the speed will decline as we move away from the center in the case of ADSL, not to mention that there will be a greater chance of interference, being affected by the presence of insects or inclement weather. Faced with what happens with HTC or ADSL connections, the speed contracted in the fiber is we receive in our home, paying only for what we will get.

The possibility of symmetry in speed is another benefit to consider when hiring the optical fiber. Although not the case in every one of their offers today, fiber optics can guarantee a very similar speed both downstream and upstream. The differences between the rise and fall were considerable data so far, the latter being much higher. So much so that the average uploads speed will be in one or two Megs. However, in recent months we are witnessing telephone operators capable of offering 100 and 200 MB symmetrical, establishing itself as a key option for businesses or those who upload a lot of information on the network.

What is the future of telephone?

ADSL lines have an expiration date, when it will be replaced tomorrow by fiber optics. Although there is still some time for this change to take place (around 2020), the fact is that, gradually, the fiber optic networks will gain market presence while the ADSL cease to exist. The main workhorse of the expansion of these networks will be in rural areas.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, operators are making every effort to that everything is done in the most convenient way. Compare offers fiber optic web and see that look similar to offers price ADSL. In order to avoid collapses, it is essential that the change to the optical fiber occurs periodically. So we avoid running out service and urgently require the help of technicians. In any case, until this final transformation occurs, prices will drop further in the coming years.

Do you guys have hired the optical fiber? How was your experience?

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