Virtual machines, what they are?

Talk about a virtual machine is talk of a computer program that emulates a computer. Why have a computer inside your computer?The quick answer is that a virtual machine can test any software on a particular hardware without damaging or interfering with our current computer configuration.

Virtual machines, what they areWhat is a virtual machine?

With virtual machines we can test any program and see how it works. If the program is paid but have released a test version, you can install on the virtual machine to view its operation and not alter or trace of use on our computer if we will not decide on purchase or that is not helpful and buy it.

So we can also have different operating systems (Windows 7, Windows XP, Ubuntu, Mac OS X) and test them programs on other operating systems fails or simply will not install.

Installing software on a virtual machine

How to install an operating system on a virtual machine is the same as we would in a normal way. Those is, choose the device on which we have our operating system (CD, DVD, flash drive or CD image) and install the system 32 or 64 bits. Once this is done select the amount of RAM and hard disk that you assign to the virtual machine and the system will be installed on the machine. So simple and within minutes we will have our ready operating system.

Once the operating system installed we can test whether the proper operating system or a specific program. It can be a simple way to test the new Windows 10, which have already left tryouts, and check what their innovations and differences with previous Microsoft operating systems. This is also an excellent opportunity to try Ubuntu Linux. In this way we can see how we deal with Linux and if its operation is about our way to enjoy the computer.

Programs virtual machines

As an example programs to enjoy virtual machines highlight Virtualbox and VMware. Both programs are easy to use and come with presets for those who cannot “tinker” have much in features using the program easy.

You no longer have an excuse to try different operating systems or programs to review firsthand about its handling, flow, etc. Do you see utility to virtual machines?

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