Time management apps for your phone

If you use the mobile phone that you bought from a Vodafone Carrickmacross company like https://kingcommunications.ie/vodafone-stores-near-me/carrickmacross/ to help you keep track of your time and tasks then there are a number of different styles of apps that can help you to become more time-efficient. Here are a few of the app types to give you an idea.

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Task management – there are numerous apps available that help you to make a note of all of the tasks that you need to complete. These can be categorised into larger projects as well as giving you the option to delegate tasks to others if you work in a larger team.

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Time recording – this can be incredibly useful if you run your business and work with a number of different clients and you want to make sure that you are capturing the time that you work on their projects. There are a number of different apps that all work along the same lines. There will be a timer on the app that you can start and stop as you work through the tasks. You can then pull an end of week or end of month report to send to your client along with your invoice.

Concentration – if you struggle with staying on task and concentrating you can use apps that help you to remove distractions and focus on one small task at a time. These apps have timers that allow you to focus and then remind you to take a short break between each one.

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