The continuing use of bending machines

One of the most versatile and required machine tools is that of the bending machine. In the past the only way to beat metal was to employ the services of a panel beater armed with a rubber harm and the strengths in their arms. Sadly in today’s world of precise instruments and the exact requirements of other machines components and instruments we now rely on computer controlled Bending Machines like the ones that Cotswold Machinery Sales have at their disposal. Without them modern makes and constructions would be impossible and the margin of error that a human would make with arm and eye alone is not acceptable.

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There are a variety of bends that a machine can make. The type of bend that the machine makes is what defines its classification. The majority of Machines fit into the standard bend category. These are simple enough bends that can be used in simple jobs such as shelving brackets and the like.

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For more complicated bends the device for bending, called a mandrel, is changed. For example the a U shaped bend is a particularly complicated process that requires and specialist mandrel for the job to be successful. The use of bending machines is going to be a continuing feature in manufacturing as more and more complicated jobs and bespoke metal pieces are required by modern technology.

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