Instagram is updated and now allows you to turn off comments on the photos you choose

Instagram has just released an important update so that users have more control over the comments that are made in their publications. According to its official blog, now the application will disable the comments of the photographs or videos that we choose. This feature will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

In order to access this feature, we will have to go to the configuration of each photograph or video (the same that has a three-point form) and choose the option ‘Disable comments’, which is located next to alternatives to delete, edit and share The publication. In addition, before making a publication, we can go to the ‘Advanced Settings’ located at the bottom of the screen, and there choose the option to turn off comments.

At this point we also have to point out that we can now hide inappropriate comments from our publications, we just have to tell the app which keywords to keep in mind to stop showing comments that we do not like.

The ‘I Like’ will premiere in the comments

In the coming weeks Instagram will also activate an option so we can say which comments are to our liking . “Since the beginning of Instagram, our goal was to create a comfortable space for everyone,” said Kevin Systrom, founder of the social network, in an official statement.

In this way, when a user writes a comment, you will see the icon of a heart next to it, so that you can mark it and let it know that we liked what you said. This makes the app have a much more social tint and there is more interaction between users of the platform.

Remove followers from your account

Finally, the platform was updated to offer an interesting novelty, especially for users who have their own Instagram account. From now on, it will be possible to eliminate unwanted followers by directing us to our followers list and touching the menu that will be located next to each person’s name. It is important to note that the person we remove will not be notified, so there is nothing to worry about.

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