Fighting Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is something that we have been seeing more and more of in recent years. Smartphones and the internet have given rise to many criminals who have used this to enable them to scam people and commit crimes.

There have been many reports of online scams over the past few years, and this is something that is an ongoing problem. Action Fraud are the UKs national reporting organisation for this, and as well as this being the place where you should report online crime, it is also a great resource for educating and making people aware of scams that are doing the rounds at the current time.

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Of course, with there being such a wide range of ever evolving online scams you also need to know what to look out for as there are new ones cropping up all the time. Here are a few practical things to be aware of to reduce your risk of being affected by a scammer…

Watch out for Money Laundering – If you run a business, make sure that your customers are not money launderers – you can run a check on this using something like this AML ID check to ensure they are legit.

Make sure you have Security – Make sure that you have good security software on your computer to keep you protected. You will also need to keep this updated.

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If you are Suspicious, err on the side of Caution – If you receive an email or a text message that is asking for money in any way, even if it claims to be from an official place like the NHS, check it and report it. Places like this will rarely if ever ask you for money.

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