Different Types of Car Care Products

Different types of car care products are designed for specific tasks. For example, there are wheel cleaners that remove greasy brake dust and grime without scratching, polishing compounds that buff away fine scratches to a mirror finish, glass cleaners that get rid of streaks and wipe on waxes that leave your ride with a high shine. Many of these products can be used with a pressure washer to cut cleaning time significantly and some need little or no agitation to work well, while others benefit from light agitation with a foam brush or microfibre cloth for the best results.

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There are even special cleaners for individual types of materials like leather or fabric upholstery, which could be damaged by using the wrong product. For example, if you have leather seats, choose a leather car cleaning product that won’t discolour it and condition the material afterward to keep it soft and supple. For auto and Trailer Parts, consider visiting autoandtrailer.com/

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There’s also a wide range of accessories for keeping your car looking its best, from quick detailing sprays to brushes and sponges. For example, some manufacturers offer a kit that includes a mist and wipe detailer that makes short work of caked-on bugs and clean spray in rinse makes washing your wheels, windows, rims and other trim components a breeze. There’s also a metal polish that leaves the chrome on your dashboard and gauges shiny as new, while plastic cleaner and polish brings interior components back to their original clarity.

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