Anonymous surfing on the Internet – Here’s how to do it!

If you surf the Internet, willingly or unwillingly, they always leave traces, both on the computer, both servers of the websites that you visit. To avoid any problems, so here it is explained as anonymous surfing on the Internet, through a few simple tips…

How to surfing anonymously on the internet?

There are several methods for anonymous surfing online. A first method is to use the private browsing, already integrated into your browser, which allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information on your PC about the web pages you visit. How to use this type of function changes depending on the browser you use, so here’s the procedure for the most popular browsers:

Google Chrome (called Incognito), just you press the button with the three horizontal lines (top right) and click on New incognito window, or click with the right mouse button and choose the link to open Open link in incognito window;

Mozilla Firefox (called anonymous surfing), just click the button with three horizontal lines (located in the upper right corner) and select Window anonymously, otherwise, right click the mouse on the link to open and select Open link in new window anonymous;

Internet Explorer (the function is present from version 8 and is called In Private Browsing) must press the gear icon (located at the top right), select the menu Security and then click In Private Browsing;

Opera (called private browsing) you need to click on the top left, the button-shaped O, select Tabs and Windows and choose New Tab reserved or New window reserved.

Unfortunately, the method described above does not guarantee complete anonymity because the supplier of your connection (ISP), your employer, or the sites themselves can always keep track of the web pages you’ve visited. Moreover, it is to point out that the private browsing carried out in this way does not protect against any malicious software that may still be installed on your computer.

To avoid these and other problems, then, like, another method for anonymous surfing on the Internet, is to use a service created on purpose, of which, the most well known, is Anonymouse that, in addition to being easy to use and does not present any particular problems of slowness, it is mainly free. To use it you have to do that by the web page, enter the URL of the site that interests you and click on Surf anonymously then,  no need to worry about anything (but you should still pay attention to various advertisements that may appear).

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Besides Anonymouse exists, however, another method that, perhaps, is the best way to navigate completely anonymous on the Internet (which, among other things, allows you to change the IP address), which is called Tor, and is available for both computers (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux / Unix), both for smartphones and tablets Android, both in Live CD / USB (through an OS live called Tails). As for the computer version, once downloaded the Tor browser (based on Mozilla Firefox), just extract the contents (leaving the check to Run the Tor Browser Bundle), and click Connect: will open a window and then, after a bit of time, automatically start the browser that lets you surf the full anonymity. When you want to stop surf anonymously, you just simply close the browser (if you want to reuse, you will need to go to the folder Tor Browser and click again on the Start Tor Browser). If you came to this point, you should now know how to surf anonymously on the Internet.

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