66% of applications for iPad and iPhone are extra

When accessing the network from a smartphone or tablet, applications are gaining ground on traditional search engines for its immediacy although, interestingly, the payment apps that win the battle to free as to offer refers. In fact, to acquire 66% of iPad and iPhone applications need to scratch your pocket and take hold of the portfolio, according to a study madvertise, advertising network specializing in mobile devices.

The report -made in collaboration with the online guide AppZapp applications, in order to analyze more than 43,000 applications both free and paid Apple- developed for devices reveals how more than half of the “iphoneros” usually go to the store online to buy and download apps from the comfort of your format and security in your method of payment.

66% of applications for iPad and iPhone are extraBy category, applications with cost related to free time are the most attention grabbing by users. Thus, 19% of the more than 28,000 apps pay corresponds to all types of mobile games, followed closely by digital books or e-books, which account for 18% of the total, already beginning to shift consumption securities in physical form. Followed closely related to my training (14.5%) and entertainment (7.9%), and greater distance those related to life style issues (4.6%).

The news, free

With regard to free applications, which account for about 15,000-, the report concludes that madvertise the category of “news” is preferred by users. Thus, of the approximately 2,000 different mobile versions of newspapers and magazines available national and international scene, more than 85% (1,692) can be purchased without making any payment.

According to the director general of madvertise, Ruth Bareño, “the main reason to explain this high proportion of free apps is that while the buyer of the press in traditional format looking analysis, the consumer press in the mobile search flases current and is not willing to pay for an option that is already free in the traditional online version.”

On the contrary, the report reveals that madvertise the lowest proportion of free app is in the category related to navigation. Thus, of the 486 applications integrated in this segment, only one in ten is free of payment due to the high cost of production and map updates.

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