6 ways that IT can keep you secure

Whilst hacking and cyber attacks continue to hit the headlines, IT security should be something that all organisations and individuals take seriously. But although it’s usually the bad news we hear about, technology is also producing many ways to help us stay more secure.

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1 Encrypt your data

The biggest worry from any cyber attack is the potential to lose data, particularly if personal information or intellectual property is involved. The answer is to encrypt your information so that if it should fall into the wrong hands it can’t be read. There are plenty of easy-to-use hardware and software systems around that can securely guard your information.

2 Tracking devices

You don’t have to suffer a cyber attack to put your data at risk. Losing a computer or smartphone, or having it stolen can not only risk data but also potentially give someone access to your company network. There are now applications that can track a device and securely lock or wipe its contents remotely to save them falling into the wrong hands.

3 Fingers first

Passwords have become discredited as a means of security, but technology has provided alternatives. Many devices now have fingerprint scanners which make them almost impossible for hackers to unlock.

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4 Other biometrics

There are other forms of biometric security too, facial recognition is becoming an increasingly common and increasingly accurate method. The latest systems can even distinguish between a real person and a still photo, so even if the hacker takes your picture along with your laptop they’re still locked out.

5 Mobile links

Linking your devices together is a good way of ensuring that one can’t be accessed if you’re missing the other. You’re probably familiar with two-factor systems that send a code to your phone when you make an online purchase. You can extend this to your office – your network device can be protected from power failure by Eaton UPS systems such as http://www.cppsales.com/Eaton_UPS_Systems___Accessories-catid17, so why not protect it from access by linking it to your phone?

6 Not just computers, access systems that use a smartphone aren’t restricted to computers either. You can use the same technology to guard your office from unauthorised access by linking electronic locks to your phone. You can even use your phone to unlock your home.

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