Why Drains are Perfect for Rats

Drains are an essential part of the world. Since we have had sewers and drains, the rates of water borne illnesses in the UK have reduced dramatically, something that once caused huge problems, particularly in the city of London, as … read more

Common Accountancy Challenges Addressed

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What is a transfer of equity?

Equity is the proportion/value of any property that you own outright. For example, if you have a house valued at £750,000 and the mortgage outstanding is £500,000 then the equity would be £250,000 (current value less the outstanding loan). Many … read more

When Gloucester was Glevum

Gloucester is one of the oldest Cities in the UK. It can trace its roots back to Roman times when it was called Glevum. It was such a vital centre for the Romans that it continued to be used right … read more