What Can Businesses Do About Plastic Pollution?

Businesses can take action to combat plastic pollution by focusing on reducing the amount of single-use plastics used by their company and employees. These items are thrown away every 11 minutes and are the biggest culprits of waste in our oceans. By promoting reusable alternatives, businesses can encourage a culture of sustainable behaviour inside and outside the workplace.

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Aside from promoting reusable and recyclable products, businesses can offer incentives to employees and customers to help reduce their plastic waste. For example, offer discounts for bringing in items that can be recycled. Another incentive is to establish a plastic take-back programme. This allows employees to reduce the amount of single-use plastic they use and reduces costs. For advice on Business Recycling Cheltenham, visit Printwaste

One company that is making a difference in the environment is Neste, which is developing circular and renewable plastics solutions. The company’s pledge to recycle one used bottle for every new one sold by 2030 is an important step toward making a difference in the world. It is also experimenting with different recycling methods and partnering with governments to develop new ways of collecting used bottles.

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Microplastics are becoming a major problem for wildlife. The tiny particles can get lodged in sea animals’ digestive systems, causing them to die. These negative effects can travel up the food chain and ultimately affect the end consumer. Recent surveys have shown that over a third of UK-caught fish contains plastic. More recent research shows that plastics can even be found in the deepest crevices of the ocean, at a depth of 10,900 metres. These studies show the consequences of ignorance about plastic pollution and the importance of addressing it.


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