Popular Types of Wool and the Countries they Originate

Many types of the wool that we enjoy wearing and using comes from all over the world. Wool is a natural material and has been used for centuries by people to help to keep warm. Here are some of the most popular wools of the world, and the countries that they originate from…

Cashmere – This very highly sought after wool is named after the region that it comes from, Kashmir in India. The wool is fine and soft and is produced by goats. The goats that produce it only produce a small amount at a time which is another reason why it is so expensive, as it is in high demand but not as easily obtainable as other wools.

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Merino – The merino sheep can be found in Australia and New Zealand, and this wool is also very fine and soft. It is a popular material choice for sweaters like these merino wool sweaters women and men can wear. It is warm and comfortable as well as being a sought after wool in the fashion world.

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Alpaca Wool – South America is home to the alpaca, an animal closely related to the llama. The wool of the alpaca has been produced in this region for thousands of years and is a warm material that is used in blankets to help keep people in the cold regions warm. The softest type of this wool comes from younger alpacas, as the wool becomes rougher and coarser as the alpacas age.

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