How to edit the options that appear in the Windows menu when right click

Perhaps without realizing it, the Windows context menu that appears when right click is one of the things we use most vis-a-vis windows operating system. In any part of the browser and to perform a lot of operations with our files and documents, we depend on the options provided by this tool, and the entries that add some of the extra applications that we installed.

In spite of its use, sometimes we would like that menu had more options, or less. If we have installed many programs that add their operations automatically, perhaps we have a too long list of options that we do not even use, and we do not have an option to directly copy the path of a file, for example. While Windows does not let us edit the default options, with some third party tool we can take control over it.

How to edit the options that appear in the Windows menu when right clickRight Click Enhancer

Right Click Enhancer is a small application compatible with all versions of Windows from Vista to Windows 10, which allows us to manage the options of the context menu of the Windows explorer, either adding new things or removing annoying things.

This application has a free version and a paid version. In addition to allowing you to add additional options to the right-click menu, it also lets you disable or completely remove unwanted entries that add other programs, and allows you to create sub-menus with the things you use most.

With Right Click Enhancer you can do things like :

  • Add an option to the right click to copy contents of text files directly to the clipboard without first having to open the file
  • Add an option to open the command prompt with administrator privileges for a selected folder
  • Add an option to copy the complete path of a file or folder
  • Add an option to take possession of a file or directory
  • Activate God mode

All are options that appear in Right Click Tweaker, and in addition you have several additional functions, like adding new shortcuts to folders to send to the menu and quickly copy files to that location. If you have the paid version, you can also remove or disable menu entries, but if you do not want to pay for this tool, you can do this with CCleaner.


CCleaner is one of the best known applications in its style. It is an all-in-one tool to clean your Windows PC and keep it running fast and free of junk files. The most recent versions of this program include an option that allows us to delete entries from the context menu of the Windows explorer.

If you want to get rid of all those options that add things like your antivirus or music player, Adobe programs or whatever it takes space there unnecessarily, you can do it in just a few clicks.

Open CCLeaner, choose Tools from the left menu. Then click on Start and select the Context Menu tab. There are all the programs installed on your computer that have added entries to the context menu that appears in the browser when you right click. Just select the ones you want to deactivate or delete completely.

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