Why Laminate floor is the best choice for those with allergies

Finding the correct kind of floor for your home is always a difficult choice. It is not made any easier by the personal issues that you and your family may have. Certain flooring types can dramatically affect your well-being, and this needs to be considered along with the usual considerations of how much footfall the floor will receive, along with the look and feel of the carpet.

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12mm Laminate Wood Flooring, such as that from www.irwintiles.ie/wooden-flooring/laminate-flooring/12mm-laminate can help. They can provide the perfect flooring that you need for any part of your house. This is a tough and stain-resistant flooring option and has other factors in its favour.

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Carpets are notorious for containing biohazards that can considerably worsen specific allergies. Carpets trap dust and hair particles in their fibres, which can worsen over time. Spores can also find a home in carpet and be realised into the atmosphere. This can produce deeply upsetting trigger environments for anyone affected. However, with 12mm laminated wood flooring, this is all easily avoided and rectified. Wood flooring only needs to be swept and hoovered to clear up any particles. The laminate means that pet and human hair cannot be contained like the weave of a carpet. As a result, any stray particles are soon cleared away, and you won’t be able to cause any harm to yourself or susceptible family members.

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