Why Drains are Perfect for Rats

Drains are an essential part of the world. Since we have had sewers and drains, the rates of water borne illnesses in the UK have reduced dramatically, something that once caused huge problems, particularly in the city of London, as the streets and even the River Thames was awash with dirty water and waste, leading to many deaths from illnesses like Cholera.

Something that is very much associated with living in the sewers and the drains however is of course the rat. When you think about drains inevitably you will likely also think of the rats that live in them!

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Rats are attracted to drains because they are dark and damp, which offer them safety. In fact, a drain is the ideal place for a rat mother looking to bring up her young! Something that a rat will look for when it wants somewhere to live is the availability of a dark and cosy nest and drains also offer rats something else – easy access to food.

Being in close proximity to humans is something that rats have benefited from for centuries. Where there are humans, they also find a large and easy supply of something else – food. Drains are not only places where there is lots of food to be had, due to the food that is washed down the sink, but they also offer direct access to places where food can be found, such as the kitchens of houses.

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Rats are resourceful creatures, and their large numbers are testament to this. They can also chew through many materials, which allows them to gain access to many spaces that they want to get to. However, this is also something that can cause problems, as chewing through things can cause things like pipe damage. It is advisable to get a professional like this drain lining Oldbury based company https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-repairs/drain-repairs-oldbury to check the sewers and drains if you have had rats living in the previously.

Because rats are attracted to living near to humans, it can be hard to get rid of them and stop them from being around where you live – in fact it is a well known fact that we are usually in close proximity to a rat wherever we are!

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