Top Tips For Tile Maintenance

The beauty of tile is in its unlimited design and aesthetic possibilities, but specific types of tiles require individualised care and sometimes even special cleaners. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are relatively low-maintenance, but natural stone tiles like slate, marble, or granite need specialised cleaning products. Whatever your tile is made from, the following basic steps are essential for keeping it clean and preventing damage. For a range of Marble Tiles, take a look at

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Sweep or vacuum regularly to keep loose dirt from clinging to the surface. Dirt that sticks to a glazed tile floor can dull it, especially with styles that have a textured surface or are rougher in texture. Sweeping or vacuuming also prevents the dirt from settling in the grout lines, where it can harden and become more difficult to remove. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, opt for a soft-bristled attachment to avoid scratching the tile.

Mop occasionally with a soft sponge mop and a mild, non-abrasive detergent or cleaner, such as a mild dishwashing liquid. Rinse well after mopping to remove any residue that could dull tile or encourage the growth of mildew.

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Wipe up spills promptly, as stains from food or drink will set quickly on tile and in the grout if left to dry. Also, be sure to mop the grout lines when you’re cleaning the floors, as dirt can become trapped in those spaces and can scratch the surfaces of the tiles. If your grout is heavily stained, consider scrubbing it with a bristle-type scrub brush or a nylon-bristled scrubbing pad. Once your grout is thoroughly cleaned and dried, seal it to minimise future scrubbing and staining.

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