The Modern World of Integrated Appliances

Many New-Build Houses are now being designed to include a range of modern Integrated Appliances, including Washing Machines, Fridge-Freezers and Integrated Tumble Dryers.  Being more Energy Efficient and adding substantial value to any Home these appliances are discreetly hidden behind matching cabinet doors.  By adding extra space to a small kitchen or laundry room they are an ideal solution to any modern property. If you have an older style Home or even a quintessential Country Cottage these energy efficient appliances can also blend effortlessly into your kitchen or laundry room.

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Purchasing a modern Integrated Appliance is an investment and you will see a great return for your money by the extra space you will have in your kitchen and by the increased market value of your home.  Always source any new Integrated Tumble Dryers from a reputable, experienced Electrical Retailer with an elite Team of highly-skilled Engineers.  By purchasing your new appliance from an award winning, well-established, specialist with over sixty years of experience you will have Peace of Mind that you will receive a quality product delivered and fitted by a qualified electrician.

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We are living in a modern Post-Covid World where the “New Normal” includes working from home, so having a range of Energy efficient, money saving integrated appliances in your home is definitely a wise and cost-effective investment. Have your new tumble dryer delivered and fitted the same day by an experienced electrician and you will enjoy the use of it for many years to come.

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