Six timber windows FAQs

Timber windows are a beautiful touch to a property and are superior to windows in other materials such as UPVC plastic and metal. And as more and more homeowners eschew plastic, demand is steadily rising. Here are some frequently asked questions.

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How long do they last?

The average longevity of timber windows is around 35-60 years. But they can certainly last longer depending on how well maintained they are and if they are properly installed by professionals such as This is longer than UPVC (20-25 years), and many kinds of aluminium or steel window frames.


Those considering timber windows Cirencester should shop around for a few quotes, but they are likely to be more expensive than UPVC. A good yardstick is 5% of a home’s total value.

Can they be painted?

As they are made of wood, of course! This means they can be refreshed with a lick of paint, and you can include them in interior redecorations. Many firms will supply them to your home pre-painted.

Will they add value to my home?

Yes. Timber windows not only offer a superior finish, but they are also rising in popularity as home design trends move away from plastic and embrace more natural finishes.

Are timber windows sustainable?

Sustainably sourced timber window and door frames are among the most environmentally friendly choices you can make. In addition, investing in quality window frames that exclude drafts can also cut down on home energy usage and bills.

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What are the disadvantages of timber windows?

The main disadvantage is the upfront cost, which will normally be around 5% of the value of your home. But the benefits and value they add to your home will largely outweigh this.

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