Six Great Kitchen Organisation Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a hive of daily activity. Minimise clutter whilst maximising available space to ensure that your kitchen has both form and function.
Whether small or large, the kitchen has evolved to become the new living space for modern families. This has given rise to a new way of thinking where kitchen design and functionality are of high importance so that the space for cooking also seamlessly blends into a space for living and entertaining.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas

1.      Open shelving gives additional storage space and is the perfect way to showcase pretty pots, pans and glassware.

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2.      The inside of cabinet doors is a much-overlooked way of maximising storage in the kitchen. Add narrow shelves to door interiors to house condiments, herbs, spices and other small items.

3.      Utilise corner cupboard space by installing a Lazy Susan. This allows easy access to items stored.

4.      Put your walls to work to maximise space. Installing a peg board means that utensils and pans can be hung within easy reach.

5.      Get into the habit of labelling storage, so that items can be conveniently accessed immediately.

6.      A pull-out pantry creates a wealth of extra storage space in widths as small as 6 inches.

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Kitchen Refurbishment

Rethinking the organisation of your kitchen and redesigning your space need not mean a disruptive and costly kitchen re-fit. Specialists of kitchen refurbishment Guildford, such as The Kitchen Refurbishment Company, can work with your existing cabinets to reimagine your space into one that works to meet your needs and maximises organisation.

Whether a small or a large space, make your kitchen work harder to meet the needs of your lifestyle by optimising storage, making clever design choices and creating an appealing aesthetic.

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