Popular Interior Design Trends

Pinterest is an excellent site for getting a sense of the latest trends. Pinterest is a great resource for home improvement and makeovers. It can inspire you with ideas on fashion, food, or interior design. When you are looking to renovate your home, you will be most excited about interior design.

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Metallics: It appears that mixing metallic colours with other shades has become a trend. Metallics can be combined with any colour and will add an elegant touch to any décor.

Statement Ceilings: Also called the “fifth wall”, ceilings are gaining attention again as they are being included in the design for a room to give it a top-to-bottom look. Fifth walls are in style again, whether you choose a wallpaper that will make a statement or a paint colour that is stunning.

Statement Doors: We also don’t neglect our doors, and Pinterest saves for “colourful doors” have increased by 121%. The days of the solemn entrance are over. We want to greet our guests with vibrant, cheerful statements. Statement doors can also be used to brighten up a neutrally-decorated interior. For Bifold Doors Bridgwater, go to https://choicetradeframes.co.uk/bifold-doors/bridgwater

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Wall Art in Super Size: The current trends suggest that homeowners want to express themselves more through their interior design. People are more interested in adorning walls with posters, photos, or artwork than ever before.

Chic Bathrooms: The idea of a luxurious spa-style bathroom has become very popular. The latest trends include rattan furniture, patterned plants and free-standing bathtubs. Who wouldn’t like their bathroom to look and feel like it belongs in a luxury 5-star spa?

Designers also predict that the days of white kitchens with stainless steel or white sinks will soon be over. Darker materials and daring designs are becoming more popular. This year, you might want to experiment with your home decor. Are concrete and stone sinks the latest trend to hit high-end homes this year?

Bold as Brass: Brass is bigger and bolder than before. This aged look can be used to finish kitchen cabinets, vintage lighting fixtures and living room furniture. This timeless, classy appeal is enjoying a resurgence – whether you like it or not!

Au Naturel: Stone, wood, and earthy materials are all popular right now. Concrete or leather items are also included. Interior design is also incorporating exciting stone mixtures, including marble, agate, onyx, and alabaster.

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