How to stop your drains from smelling bad

We’ve all experienced the sinking feeling that comes from a foul-smelling drain! Perhaps you’ve lifted your drain lining in Gloucester and noticed that the bad smell intensifies, and the water is draining away more slowly than usual. Here’s what you need to do next.

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1. Work out what’s causing the problem

Usually, a bad drainage smell is because there’s a blockage in your pipe. Companies that deliver repairs and drain lining in Gloucester usually find that these blockages are down to food that hasn’t been scraped off plates in the kitchen sink, or from other blockages that build up from bathroom usage.

All too often, people put things down the sink that they shouldn’t, or don’t use devices such as fat traps and plug protectors. As a result, hair, food, fat and other types of gunk build up over time and cause a bad smell

2. See if a home fix will sort the problem

Sometimes a swill of bleach can fix the problem but check first that it’s compatible with your drainage system. If you have a septic tank, for example, you won’t be able to use bleach because it will damage the system.

You can also buy commercial drain cleaners and sink unblockers, and it’s always worth trying an old-fashioned plunger to see if you can manually unblock the cause of slow-moving water.

3. Call in the experts

Whether you’ve got a problem with bad smells, slow drainage water or damaged drain lining in Gloucester, it makes sense to call in the experts for help. Professionals will get to the heart of the issue and see whether there’s any issue with collapsing pipes or whether a high-pressure jet will fix the problem. Find out more at

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In short, the best way to avoid bad-smelling drains is to maintain them and avoid putting waste down the sinks. But when problems do occur, the professionals can fix them fast. Aim for maintenance to avoid problems, try a home fix, and have a reputable company ready for a rapid visit should you need it.

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