How to plan the perfect home build

Planning your own home build is an incredibly exciting time and when you work with a Residential Architects Islington way such as you can make your dreams a reality. In order to plan the perfect home build there are a number of steps that you can follow.

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Budget – it is important that you have a realistic budget in mind for your home build. You should consider the cost of the actual building works as well as the costs for legal fees, planning permission, architects as well as having a contingency pot available.

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Placement – you should consider where you want your home to be placed and this should take into account the direction that the sunlight will enter your rooms and how much natural light this will help to produce.

Lifestyle – having your own home designed will allow you to create a home that works for your family setup. This means assessing whether you are looking for open plan living, how many en-suite rooms you want to have and whether you need to have separate living room and dining room.

Once you have worked out all of these areas you will be in a great position to then work with your architect so they can bring your ideas to life in the form of building plans. The next step is then to apply for planning permission and then building works can take place.

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