How to choose a conveyancer

So, you’ve found the perfect property and now it’s time to get things moving to begin the legal process of purchasing a home. A delay may mean that your purchase could be stalled in costly delays or you even miss out on the property altogether.
One of the most important figures in a smooth house purchase or sale is your conveyancer, so it’s worth putting in the time and effort to find the right one. Property mega site Zoopla reports that it can take around 25 weeks to sell a home, with the biggest delays caused by poor communication and delays in the conveyancing process.

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Here are some things to help you find the right conveyancing fit for you and your home:

Start Early

It is advisable to engage a conveyancer before you sell or buy your property. Not doing so risks a last-minute scramble to find the right firm and you may end up with a conveyancer who is not what you need. Fast conveyancing is key in some situations so you don’t miss out, and engaging a firm that understands your situation should make things run more smoothly and mean that you are more ready to face any inevitable hiccups as they arise.

Spread your Horizons

Many buyers still choose to engage local solicitors out of habit, when in reality, there is no need for this. Only in exceptional circumstances will you need to see your conveyancer face-to-face. Going further afield will widen your options quite a bit, and mean you may be able to afford a better, more responsive service than your local firm.

However, when dealing with conveyancers online and on the phone, you should make sure you have agreements in place with them regarding mode of contact and identity verification, to avoid becoming a victim of payment diversion fraud, which is sadly rising in the UK. You will also still need to undergo robust identity checks as an online-based conveyancer cannot physically see your ID.

Go for accredited members of the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme

This scheme is a recognised quality standard for regulating conveyancers. Members sign up to certain levels of competence, risk management and client service. Choosing a CQS firm, such as, means that you can be more confident in a firm’s professionalism and reputation when choosing them. You also have recourse if they act irresponsibly or cause you harm.

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Avoid firms that charge by the hour, because if your sale or purchase gets into difficulty, you will be throwing good money after bad. Instead opt for a firm that uses a ‘fixed fee’ structure.

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