How a Quantity Surveyor Works on a Construction Project

A construction project needs to run smoothly – both to meet time and budget targets. This is why a quantity surveyor will be involved. Quantity surveying companies like this will be involved in the project right from the start when it is at the stage of the initial planning, through to the end.

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The first stage of the project, the planning stage, is where the quantity surveyor will work with the planners and architects who are designing the project. They will start to produce estimates for the costs and the timescale of the job based on this, which then become more accurate as the plans are made more concrete, and when the design has been full completed, the quantity surveyor will produce a document that is then put out to tender, to allow various contractors and material providers to bid for it.

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Once the tender process is completed, the quantity surveyor will go through all of the details and will be able to advise the client on which ones would be best to use, and they can then start to plan for the second stage – the building process itself.

During the second stage the quantity surveyor will start to arrange for various contractors and materials to arrive at the site at the correct time, and also keep a close eye on the finances to ensure that the work is being done within budget. They will be able to provide budget forecasts to the client and ensure that the project goes to plan.

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